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frogbutt's Journal

26 May
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I am man. I am gay man. I am gay chevron man employee. I am allergic to coffee, but i spend most of my time in downtown tempe pretending that i like it. I smoke alot of cigarettes, and some people find that attractive. I have a soul patch, and a goatee, thats alot of facial hair.

Some people think i'm a little silly, i don't mind. So step inside my brain matter and take a gander, you may be amused as well.

My little sister has an account too. (Her username is girlfiction). She is gay too. But she does not work at chevron, she works at Cold stone Cremery (the ice cream parlor)

Being the Ass. manager for this Gas Station sucks my big wanker.. But its okay... it pays the bills. And I survive..