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Okay now that the whole work thing is over. And I toke off my work clothes and I toke a shower to wash off work dirt I fell I can stop talking about work.

SOOOOOOOOO this weekend is gay pride weekend. For us in PHX anyways.
I am excited now to go. I only have to work like two hours on Saturday and none on Sunday. So its Party At Gay Pride. I hope that Ron gets an Ogry going because I am damn horny. If that does not happen then its to the bath house. I WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME. I am not going to let my stupid self think other wise. That is what has happened in the past. I let my self that I won't have any fun, so I don't. We'll this will be different. I will have FUN. Either by just looking at guys, kissing the guys (I hope so), or by fucking the guys (God help me in my indever). It will be a good day..

I also get to meet Rons friend this weekend. I meet him a couple of times before but things have changed. A year goes by and things all ways change. ALLWAYS CHANGE.

So I will try to keep you all up dated in this weekends excitment...

You have a cheery weekend too.
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