Bookcub (frogbutt) wrote,

HMM.. today is going to be....

Well I just got off of work and I am sitting here at the Mesa Public library. Lately it has been where I spend my internet time. (Funny now that it actually is timed, hmm) Alot has happened in the last couple of days. I had an old coworker contact me and ask me to a job thingy. I was free so I went. And Its like a job but not really. I don't understand it. You help people get out of debt. And you make money. But the person that supported you and taught you gets money also. I just don't understand..

On to different things. MY ROOMMATE is really scary. I found him passed out in his underwear by the coffee table last night. I looked at him and then went up stairs and locked my door. I do know that he drinks alot. I don't. I sleep alot. He doesn't.. He actually asked if I was okay for the fact i sleep so much. I just explained to him that it was the medicane that I am taking.

Enough stupid shit. I have felt very lonely lately. even though I am around people all the time. And its not that I am lonely in my heart because I know I don't need a relationship to survive.(Even though it would be nice.) I don't know.. Maybe I feel lonely in spirit. Oh well.

(There is a really cute guy helping out in the library, yum)(Brett tech support, yum)

Well tomorrow is a different day.. IS it going to be better??? Maybe I should try to talk to Brett... nay. I got to much to do this next week.. GO CHEVERON..
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